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In the past 2 years I received a 2:1 in Film Production, and I also registered self-employed and began creative marketing and media production. I have copious experience in creating content for online and social media, editing promotional and instructional videos, producing narrative work, editing to music and also giving advice and working and communicating closely with creative CEOs to give life to their creative visualisations.

I have just completed working as an unpaid intern at Fertility Help Hub where I helped inform people through creative media platforms who are considering IVF and other forms of conceiving. I also currently still work on a freelance basis for LEF Systems I previously created and updated their website, and I am waiting for it to be safe to film and edit instructional videos for their equipment. Throughout this role I continue to advise the company on their branding, create all creative media content including PDFs and I have also designed several new logos.

Previously I completed work on the music video 'Harm', which was displayed during Minute Taker's audio-visual show 'Wolf Hours'. The show was a big success, with the piece being received well from audience and critics alike. Some of my favourite work was on a promotional video for the watch brand 'Zero West'. The watch brand, which celebrates great moments in history through innovative design & engineering, they loved the video, and it has gone on to represent the company to the highest level.

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