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Music Video Editor

WOLF HOURS is a unique performance combining mesmerising film with a dynamic live soundtrack.

From forbidden love in the First World War, to the pain and rage of AIDS, to contemporary hedonism and heartbreak, WOLF HOURS explores the stories of gay men at different points in time through their dreams.

This series of stunning new short films are accompanied throughout by Minute Taker performing an intimate musical and vocal score that both builds the atmosphere and pulls on the heartstrings.


Visually explosive and emotionally thrilling, WOLF HOURS transports the audience through pleasure, grief, lust, joy and our collective historical imagination.

“The dazzling quality of the film-making and the impact of the live score transported us somewhere else. There were tears of both rage and joy by the end. Highly recommended.”

– Greg Thorpe, Project Manager of Superbia at Manchester Pride

“This show is not afraid to deal with any of the challenges that gay men have faced in their lifetimes. It manages to evoke every emotion, from angry, to sad, to happy, to relieved that we can all march at Pride festivals in the 21st century”

– Liz Ratcliffe, Quays Life

“‘Wolf Hours’ immersed me completely in Minute Taker’s world of seductive vocals and evocative sounds, complete with stunning visuals. It’s not often I’m so moved at a gig, but this one took me on a rollercoaster of emotions.”

– Nathaniel Hall, writer/performer, ‘First Time’