Promotional Video Editor

The brief was to edit a single two-minute piece containing a portfolio of the clients' watches and accompanied by iconic British imagery and historical visual artefacts. To accompany this piece, an additional selection of short 15 second videos was created that illustrates the rich history behind the watches’ designs, finally, a shortened edit of one minute was created for Zero West’s prominent social media campaign. For this, our team consisted of Joe Stringer (Director), Sam Senior (Producer), Ash Martin (DoP) and myself as Editor and VFX.


We set out to edit a moving and emotionally mature short piece, utilising self-shot images of popular Uk-centric locations such as London, and in addition filming studio sequences of the watches, to make them look high-value and attractive to a potential buyer. One important aspect of this video’s production was the need for history to play a prevalent part in the overall package, and so we decided to use stock footage from various sources and splice it in comparison to the modern London-based footage, with myself editing in studio shot watch overlays. The client was eager for it to appear not as simply an advert for watches, but a journey through time and engineering itself, and I believe we achieved that well with this project.


I wanted the edit to revolve around pace, to give the feeling of time in the important moments. I wanted to use a ticking sound of a watch as the soundtrack. 


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I love to make several edits until the client is happy, with constant open communication and feedback. 

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Original Concepts:

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